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Big pictures, bad Japanese, you've been warnedCollapse )

I don't know if I'll do the rest. I should definitely work on my Japanese... It's pretty shitty.
But this doujin is a little weird. What is it with Kakashi in this? LOL. He's so disturbed.
doujin source

[cut for fic idea rambling]

Actually, I once almost wrote a fic in which Gai had a male fan (but he wasn't as creepy as that guy) - it was a character from one of the Ultimate Ninja Games (I think it might have been one of the PS2 ones, or maybe it was Storm 2?), a cute little chuunin who popped up in one of those side missions. I don't really remember the whole plot, but he said something about having been training with Gai and Lee but being unable to keep up with them in the long run. What I do remember is that he said that Gai and he would stay friends and, "Gai-san is really good at taking care of people!" I thought that was super-cute, so I had this story idea about this guy totally crushing on Gai (finding a million excuses to be with him, giving him presents), Gai being completely oblivious and Kakashi getting kinda annoyed for no reason. And then maybe cute chuunin would be like: I respect you as my superior, Kakashi-san, but you are my rival in romance!! And Kakashi would be all: What is it about me that attracts the weirdos? Is there a sign on my back or something?
But he'd also be side-eying cute chuunin really hard and being extra-mean to him. For no reason.

On that note, I haven't actually played Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 in a while, but I've got an XBLA Gold membership (I got it more or less by accident) at the moment, so maybe I should. Then again, I'm a little scared of playing online because I pretty much suck /sigh.

Es kann geschehen, dass der Mensch eines Morgens erwacht, und er ist in ein Ungeziefer verwandelt. Die Fremde – seine Fremde – ist seiner Herr geworden.